Logo Design

Professional logo design for brand strength

A powerful logo is the figurehead of your brand and crucial for the first impression. We offer logo design that reflects your corporate identity and strengthens your brand presence.

Creative and strategic logo development

Our design process combines creativity with strategic planning. We analyze your company values, target audience and market positioning to create a logo that not only appeals aesthetically, but also clearly communicates your brand message.

Versatile design styles for uniqueness

From minimalist designs to dynamic graphic logos, our
experienced designers are masters of diverse styles. We emphasize uniqueness and
make sure your logo clearly sets you apart from the competition.

Customizable logos for digital media

In our digital age, it is important that your logo looks good on different devices and in all sizes. We develop adaptable logos that work perfectly everywhere -
from smartphones to large screens.

Ruby Wildhaber

ruby Wildhaber logo


olymp jump logo


vertical print logo

Soc Art

sokunst logo

Match The Job

mtj logo


health fit logo

Dübi Butcher

dübi metzg logo

Pais plasterer's shop

pais logo

GPS Courier

gps courier logo


bonazza logo

Mandurino wines

tenute cerfeda logo

Cheese dairy Kaufmann

cheese dairy kaufmann logo

Huber Automotive

huber logo

Marcello's Travel Service

marcello's logo


listingtool logo


allinfloor logo


mindtraveler logo

Bam Bam Bhole

bam bam bhole logo

Building and trading office

bau und handelskontor logo


beauty academy logo


biowin logo

Eyewear Factory

brillenfactory logo

Hairdresser 4

Hairdresser 4 logo


barberioz logo

Modern Man

modern man's logo

D'Amore building waterproofing

damore logo

EHC Kloten Fan Club

fanclub züri unterland logo


forman logo

Future Association

future association logo

Haag Foodconsulting

haag foodconsulting logo

Hamza's cakes

hamza's logo

Hühnermobil Switzerland

chickens mobile logo

July Nails

july nails logo

Health Practice Olten

holistic health practice olten logo

Reading animation Payer

reading animation payer logo

Lucky Paws

lucky paws logo

medical cosmetics association

med cosmetics association logo

NUE Facility Service

nue facility logo


ompac logo


pallistella logo

PT Clean


il Forno

il forno logo

Roland Betschart Sewer cleaning

sewer cleaning betschart logo

Rüegg Ecotec AG

rüegg ecotec logo


santanna invest qr code

Schmid's farm store

schmids hofladen logo


selnauwok logo


sheherazad logo

Simplyimmo AG

simply immo logo

SL Huusservice

sl huusservice logo


sta logo brand


swissclean logo

Vivere Coaching

vivere coaching logo

Wonder Cuccuma

wonder cuccuma logo


wumwam kogo